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Top quality auto insurance leads generation can be a difficult and seemingly uphill battle for even the most experienced insurance agents. Of course, we would all love to have our businesses established to the point where we could continue to profit solely on referrals, but in reality almost all agents, no matter how established they may be, continually need to market their agency to keep new business coming in. At Live Transfer Auto Insurance Leads, our goal is to help agents choose the best car insurance marketing outlets for their individual business.

That said, there are so many ways to go about gathering car insurance leads and generate interest in your agency, whether its traditional channels such as the yellow pages or mailers, or newer methods like internet leads, we can help you decide which strategies, or marketing mix, will provide the most benefit to your office. You also have the ability to work other insurance types such as auto, business, homeowners, life, Medicare, and renter's insurance.

In addition to guiding you towards the best use of your marketing dollars, we can also help you find deals and trials for the industry's most trusted and respected online services, allowing you to test the waters with little to no risk for your agency.

That's Where Precise Leads Comes In...

Precise Leads is an industry leader that takes your insurance sales to the next level by delivering to you high intent, qualified insurance prospects. They identify and engage with consumers where and when they are shopping, and then proceed to deliver these rigorously screened prospects to your best conversion channels. They are focused on the U.S. insurance industry, delivering tens of thousands of high-intent, qualified consumers to their insurance agent members each and every day. Their cutting-edge technology platform subjects the shopper's information to a vigorous validation process which includes their proprietary human screening process for auto, as well as homeowner, health, and life, insurance products. This allows Precise Leads' member agents and brokers who provide these products and services to do what they do best: close more sales!

Here in the United States auto insurance represents the largest segment of the P&C market, which accounts for a healthy portion of marketing activities committed to this insurance niche, mainly because auto insurance is a legal requirement in the majority of states. Policy holders actively shop for car insurance that typically last 6 to 12 months, encouraged by carrier advertisements about the benefits of shopping online to save money, which results in very healthy shopping cycles. Put Precise Leads' state of the art technology and rigorous screening process to work for you in attracting and engaging the highest intent insurance shoppers resulting superior closing rates with quality auto insurance leads and calls from Precise Leads!

Why Partner with Precise Leads?

  • Benchmark ROI. Easily keep tabs on your spending and conversion rates with each and every sales opportunity. You'll be in the know in regards to your policy acquisition costs and the sources which are driving your ROI.

  • Precise Points Rewards... Your investment in Precise Leads' lead acquisition platform earns you points which are redeemable for free leads. And since free leads start at just 100 points each, you'll reap the rewards in no time. You'll be on your way to earning free leads every time you fund your account!

  • Top Notch Customer Service. Enjoy top of the line customer service, that's always in your corner along with a hassle-free return policy that works for you, not the other way around.

Rigorously Screened Auto Insurance LeadsTo check out Precise Leads' latest programs that could help you improve your closing rates and ROI, click here to start getting rigorously screened auto insurance leads, not tirekickers and other precious resource-draining duds.

To speak with a friendly knowledgeable Insurance Marketing Specialist, call (844) 673-8055, anytime during weekday business hours, Monday to Friday, 8 AM to 6 PM CST, for your absolutely free consultation to see for yourself how you can get started closing more prospects.

We hope you enjoy your rigorously screened auto insurance sales leads and happy closing.

Best Wishes,

The Live Transfer Auto Insurance Leads Team

How Precise Leads' Inbound Auto Insurance Calls Work

Precise Leads Finds Interested Insurance Prospects

Precise Leads Finds Interested Insurance Prospects

They indentify high intent auto insurance prospects while they're shopping online. Their proprietary technology targets these prospects when they're ready to buy a policy.

Precise Leads Verifies the Prospect's Interest

Precise Leads Verifies the Prospect's Interest

Their advanced technology routes high intent auto insurance prospects to their friendly, experienced United States-based warm transfer team where they verify the prospect's details and intent to directly connect with a licensed insurance agent.

Precise Leads Live Transfers the Prospect

Precise Leads Live Transfers the Prospect

These high intent prospects are matched to the specific filters you set in your profile and then immediately warm transferred to your phone number. Additional details are sent by email, text, and posted to the CRM or quoting system of your choice.

Exclusive Auto Insurance Calls

Exclusive Auto Insurance Calls

Precise Leads' Precise Calls live transfer service offers auto insurance leads with multiple filtering options. Exclusive leads are available for agents, with a 100% contact rate guarantee. Precise Leads' Precise Calls service is available nationwide and provides competitive pricing. Speak with a Specialist today to learn more.

What Insurance Agents are Saying

"Just wanted to take this opportunity to express my satisfaction with 'Precise Leads'. Anytime I call, everyone is always cordial and eager to grant my request. Precise Leads has an excellent setup and service. Very diversified. I can pause the leads, vacation the leads, eliminate zip codes (painstakingly, the girls remove them). I can add any state I want. I can have as many as I want per day and the leads are diversified. Whatever type of insurance I am selling, there are always leads. If I have to return any, I am always credited right away. I certainly would recommend 'precise leads' to anyone. Keep up the good work."
R. MacNish

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